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A Horse Meat Disco Halloween

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Sat 27 Oct
11PM - 4AM

DJs: Horse Meat Disco, Øvre + more TBA

Saturday 27th October we invite our favourite Disco doyens back to their spiritual Brighton haunt for a nightmare on 10 Marine Parade, their penultimate date of the year at Patterns.

It’s time to not just face your fears but literally become them as we invite you to come dressed as your worst nightmare… whether that’s Pennywise the clown from Stephen King’s IT or your irrational fear of cotton wool, your chronic Oikophobia (a fear of household content in case you were wondering!) a ‘crawler’ from British cult horror The Descent or simply ‘bubble-wrap’, exercising an approach to treating phobias known as ‘flooding’ in the psychology scene, it’s time to not just face your fears but literally become them*

*if you have a genuine phobia please ignore the above

Expect two rooms of music, decor, and what’s set to be the best Disco-tastic Halloween throw down Brighton has ever born witness to.


*** Please note fancy dress for this party will be highly encouraged… and those with the best costumes will be rewarded generously. ***

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