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Sat 09 Jun
11PM - 4AM

DJs: B.Traits, Momo & Ramos (CLUB)

Bearing a profound aptitude for stumbling on the most cutting-edge music, B. Traits holds an admirable club driven aesthetic and infectious personality that combined have put her on the path to notoriety.

Having started out with a monthly “In New DJs We Trust” slot in 2012, Brianna has since then proven to be a key broadcaster for BBC Radio 1, with her recent contribution to the esteemed “Essential Mix’ standing testament to her worth at the public station.

Brianna utilizes her influential position to full effect by tackling pressing issues like the need for widely accessible drug safety information, as well as fighting passionately for a rich and progressive club scene in the UK. In 2016 she has been deeply involved with the first front-of-house drug testing facility, The Loop, at Secret Garden Festival as well as voiced her concern on the future of fabric at it’s hearing.

Bridging underground music from techno to jungle to house, this skilled producer, DJ presenter and Intoto label head is sure to school the dance floor.

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