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BIMM Freshers: Equality and Accessibility – Panels + Talks

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Thu 27 Sep

BIMM Brighton Freshers Week Panels + Talks

Throughout BIMM Freshers Week, we will be hosting a series of panels and talks which will be OPEN TO ANYONE. You don’t need to have a wristband to attend.

Click here for details of the schedule: https://www.rixsonmusic.co.uk/bfprogram

Discussions around equality and equal representation in music, how can we ensure music welcome those who are less able-bodied.

11am – TALK – Equality in Music
The music industry is an incredible place, with some incredible things happening. Here are some programmes and initiatives that are happening throughout the world, with advice on what you can do to get more involved.

12pm – PANEL – Amazing Women in Music
Some amazing women in Brighton’s music industry talking about what they do and other women that they are inspired by.

2pm – PANEL – LGBTQA+ within Music
LGBTQA+ The acronym for “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Asexual, & Allies.” musicians and industry talking about their experience in Brighton, whilst discussing issues that they have faced and how they have overcome them

3pm – PANEL – Celebrating BAME in Music
BAME is the acronym for “Black, Asian and Minority Ethnicities” Panellists will discuss what music is to them, how they celebrate themselves and their own culture in their music and how you can too.

4pm – TALK – Accessibility in Music
A talk about ensuring music is accessible to all. How can we make our venues accessible to those with physical and mental disabilities.

5pm – PANEL – Physical Disabilities
A panel with students from BIMM that have physical disabilities discussing how they have been able to perform in live music venues throughout the city.

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