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BIMM Freshers: Physical and Mental Health – Panels + Talks

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Wed 26 Sep

BIMM Brighton Freshers Week Panels + Talks

Throughout BIMM Freshers Week, we will be hosting a series of panels and talks which will be OPEN TO ANYONE. You don’t need to have a wristband to attend.

Click here for details of the schedule: https://www.rixsonmusic.co.uk/bfprogram

Wednesday’s panels will talk openly about physical and mental health within the music industry. With discussions from anxiety to alcohol and music.

11am – TALK – Taking Care of Yourself
Discussion on how to balance your studies and have fun whilst looking after your health. Tips and tricks from people in the industry. Who you can turn to for support if you need it.

12pm – WORKSHOP – Your Physical Health
A workshop presented by your Student Support team, What to do when… everyone will be in groups and given scenarios. It gives you the opportunity to talk about your experiences, and what you have done to overcome them.

2pm – TALK – Networking Tips
Everyday you will meet someone that is active in Brighton’s music industry. Get some tips on how to make the right first impression and how to give yourself a leg up in the industry.

3pm – WORKSHOP – Meet Your Peers
Now you’ve got the networking tips, meet some of peers and introduce yourself.

4pm – PANEL – Your Mental Health
Musicians and Students discuss with the Student Support team how they manage their mental health whilst working within music. Along with advice on what to do if you need support.

5pm – TALK – Alcohol and Music
Alcohol and music go hand in hand for most people, here are some tips on how you can maintain a healthy relationship with alcohol, and advice on how to maintain a career in music if you want to abstain from alcohol altogether.

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