The Dog Haus' Summer Sizzler terrace parties

21st Apr 2016

Dust off your flip-flops!

The weathers just passed an amicable 10 degrees centigrade and the entire population of Brighton has reached for their shorts, dusted off their Havanas and are headed in force towards the beach… the yearly ‘premature’ summer pilgrimage we’re all familiar with…

But you can’t blame anyone for enjoying a bit of sun right? So this May we’re launching our ‘Summer Sizzler’ BBQ terrace parties in conjunction with The Dog Haus, every Saturday from 2pm come toast oneself in the rays on our new, and improved terrace (with shade also an option).


– A weekly rotation of the city’s best DJs soundtracking the sessions, from sultry Soul to all-powerful Hip-Hop beats, breezy – House jams to Dubby cuts
– The Dog Haus BBQ
– Free suncream – yeah you heard it here first!
– Cocktails… obviously
– Sun-visors ℃
– Ping Pong
– Table Fußball

♫♪ 1st Saturday of the month – Funk and Soul Club ♫♪

♫♪ 2nd Saturday of the month – Faro – DJ & Friends ♫♪

♫♪ 3rd Saturday of the month – El Train ♫♪

♫♪ 4th Saturday of the month – Marinate ♫♪

Free entry every Saturday!

For full info on how’s it going down at the Summer Sizzler, check the Facebook event here.

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