21st Apr 2016

Not Fast Enough is a two woman experimental sketch show, exploring many different voices and narratives discussing feminism, gender and what it means to be a woman in todays society. Actors and directors Gemima Hull and Naomi Rule inhabit many different characters and stories including; a modern retelling of little red riding hood, two performance art builders practicing their cat calls as well as gameshow hosts Sir Horace Pussy and Judas Fart.

The show uses humour and surreal contexts to talk and discuss issues around abuse, consent, catcalling, loss and identity. Gemima and Naomi get the audience up and engaged with what they’re are talking about; as an audience member you will be sorted into categories, involved in games, and even supply the dialogue for an entire scene; highlighting how important the audience is when having conversations like this.

OvaryActing will be traveling to Patterns to perform a shorted FREE preview of the hit show Not Fast Enough on the 30th of April. The full version of the show will be performed for two nights at Coachwerks on the 27th-28th of May at 7pm, tickets between £5-8 and available from the Brighton Fringe Online Box Office. But before that come down to Patterns on the 30th April to see the FREE preview: bank holiday weekend + alcohol + free feminist theatre…  what could be better?

Find out more info on OvaryActing here. 

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