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DJ Haus & DJ Normal 4

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Sat 15 Sep
11PM - 4AM

DJs: DJ Haus, DJ Normal 4 & Charles Green

Bombastic, sometimes outright ridiculous but rarely anything less than explosive, a club set from DJ Haus is no warm-up affair. Primarily geared to induce the largest serotonin rush possible, the appeal lies in his skill at creating a moment, as well as his ability to leave a lasting impression in the rave. A regular on Rinse FM, the Londoner typically blends releases from his own Unknown To The Unknown imprint, a regular home for Legowelt, Willie Burns and Luca Lozano, with his own delirious productions that reference hi-NRG, Chicago house, and grime.

DJ Normal 4, founding member and co-creator of ‘Aiwo rec.‘ was raised close to Düsseldorf in the Ruhr Area, former a strong and living industrial city conglomerate and now a bygone and dead epicenter of German heavy Industry with dusty factory skeletons and abandoned industrial complexes. Rave fantasies and being surrounded by this reality of geometric shadows, harsh skylines and lost dreams gave birth to his sound – with one foot in the fields of the the glorious summer of ‘92′ and one in the ‘no future 4 ever‘ sounds emanating from Düsseldorf via Amsterdam to London, Lyon to The Hague today. With high praised releases for respected Berlin label ‘Klasse Wrecks’ and stars of 2016, ‘BrothersFromDifferentMothers’ from Lyon, his sound has captured a geist that led to killer remixes on ‘Dekmantel’, ‘Especial’ and more.

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