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Foundations First Birthday: ‘A History of Dubstep’ with Plastician

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Fri 08 Jun

DJs: Plastician

Foundations 1st Birthday: A History of Dubstep w/ Plastician

Music has been forever seeped in its own history. Ideas are rarely brand new and trends often contain a reflective or retrospective element. But borrowing from the past isn’t necessarily uncreative—far from it. Dubstep takes its influences from garage, jungle and reggae to name a few, but it is very much it’s own sound. Birthed in Croydon it emerged in the late 90s and for the first half of the 2000s, it gestated in the London underground, ricocheting across the capital via pirate radio airwaves, parties and passionate fans.

It’s hard to pinpoint any particular reason as to why dubstep captured the ears and feet of people around the world perhaps there was something to its urgency. This was a sound that felt new, and in direct opposition to the saturated grooves of other genres.

Join us as we celebrate one year of Foundations and explore the sounds of 140 with Plastician. A foundational figure his music fuses the link between south London dubstep and east London grime. With an almost unrivalled back catalogue containing some of the most seminal tunes in the respective genres. The likes of ‘Cha’, ‘Intensive Snare’, ‘Japan’ spring to mind alongside a host of other excellent music. Who better to take us on a journey exploring the history of dubstep than Plastician.
Illidge b2b Hutton
Gorilla Sounds

Hosted by: Razor

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