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Foundations x 23 Degrees: A History of Jungle w/ Dillinja

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Fri 13 Apr

DJs: Dillinja

Foundations x 23 Degrees: A History of Jungle w/ Dilinja

Music has always been haunted by its own history. Ideas rarely appear out of thin air, and new trends are usually retrospective in some way. Everything goes in cycles. You’ve heard it all before. But borrowing from the past isn’t necessarily uncreative—far from it. The genre of jungle has long been associated with a powerful sense of rebellion lending the music what Paul Woolford has called an “illicit” energy.

For this party we welcome down one of the more prolific producers in jungle music — with records on over ten labels strong, two of them his own — Dillinja is one of the few drum’n’bass artists who spends more time in the production studio than in clubs. While living in Brixton in the early ’90s, he became tipped to jungle by DJ Bryan G, who lived around the corner from him. Fascinated with the sound of drum’n’bass, Dillinja began recording in 1991, releasing tracks on Cybotron, Intelligent IQ, Conqueror, Logic, Lionheart, V, Philly Blunt, and his own Deadly Vinyl label. In 1994, he recorded “The Angels Fell” for Goldie’s Metalheadz label and became one of the hottest names in jungle.

Also on the bill we’re joined by some of the finest local talent in the shape of Deefa, Keezee, Lofty, Scheme, Tusk and Jungalice.

Join us on the 13th of April as we delve into the intricacies of a genre that went on to influence so much else and still holds a special place in the hearts of many. Junglists, ARE YOU READY?!”

Dilinja w/ Deefa
Scheme & Tusk

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