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Patterns: Acid Rave

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Sat 06 Jan
11PM - 4AM

DJs: Charles Green, Faro, Mehtola, Øvre

Patterns: Acid Rave

Born in the 80s with a Roland TB-303, acid house swept the nation as a social movement and anti-culture revolution, institutionalised as a golden-era for music and free spirit in the UK.

Fast forward almost 40 years and its influence in today’s scene is still going strong, so for our first Saturday in January we’re going to keep it simple and have our residents play 5 hours of music in homage of the acid house sound.

From DJ Pierre to Armando, Mike Dunn to Daniel Avery, LFO to Acid Arab, expect a trip through from the beginnings to the now.

Grab yourself free entry before midnight by posting your name on the Facebook event page wall.

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