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Sat 21 Oct
7PM - 10PM

Live: Salen

Live Nation presents Salen

It took some persuading for 21-year-old Ellie Kamio to sing in public. Or in front of anyone at all, for that matter. She’d done it once before, in her mum’s café, but “it was one song.” This was different. This was as part of Sälen, the band she formed with Paul Wale and Simon Milner. Those two had been in several bands before, playing “the toilet circuit” many times – she was new to it all. “I’m really shy,” says Kamio, “so it took probably four or five meetings before I would sing in front of people.”

The shyness is better now. Over the course of about six live shows, she’s gone from standing still on stage to “rolling around on the floor and shit.” It’s just as well too, because Sälen’s trajectory has been a steeper one than any of them expected when they threw a dart at a map to decide on a name. (Sälen, by the way, is a village in Sweden with 652 inhabitants, and with which none of the band have any affinity whatsoever). They put their first song online more as an experiment than anything else, but within about two months it had been picked up by DIY, and their reputation began to snowball.



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