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Sweet Nothings

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Fri 15 Dec
9PM - 3AM

DJs: Max Millian (9 Elms), Chris Headcount, SDXN

Well for Sweet Nothings, nothing is sweeter than to come back to our spiritual home and have another night in the dance so get down with us in Brighton for a night of just all-round strong party sound!


Max Milian (9 Elms)
Sweet Nothings resident takes hold atmosphere onto to a tear jerking spectacle of electro funk, italo, pumping balaeric, commercial idm and maybe a love ballad or two lets see…

Chris Headcount (Headcount Records)
Founder of Headcount Records, Patterns resident and all around party guy, embodies the spirit of not so serious Sweet Nothings in every way.

SDXN (Quietly Making Noise)
From setting up and releasing his newest track on Quietly Making Noise, running a bi-weekly radio show on Platform B to playing all around town it has been a good year! For the final Sweet Nothings of the year he will bring something special!

Expect to fall in love with the dance, you’re fabulous xo



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