Cult Milk!

Last week we welcomed Cult Milk to the Patterns possy, taking over upstairs for the first edition of Zine Club. We re-discovered that nothing quite beats channeling your inner self into a sprawl of colourful, safety scissor wielding creative fun. 


Here’s a little info on the collective and how they get down! 



Alessandra Chambers started ZINE CLUB in 2014. It was created as a prototype event for a co-working project but was so well received that it continued and grew. Its primary ideals are to create a supportive and creative environment for people to work together and to provide a platform to share collaborative work. In 2015 ZINE CLUB had a week long pop-up ZINE/print shop and studio in the North Laine of Brighton, hosting a varied schedule of DIY and craft orientated workshops. Recently Zine Club has expanded and officially taken on Amy Brown – the Robin to Zine Club’s Batman. The two artists will now be hosting Zine Club together every Wednesday at Patterns.


The last Sunday of every month will see an ALL DAY art event of creative goodness curated by CULT MILK.

We have creatives and artists making, doing, and teaching for your pleasure. Expect… // Art Workshops // Free Arts + Crafts fun // Jumble Sale + Vintage/Bespoke Clothing // Pop-Up art Galley // Live Visuals // Art Battles // Music // Games // + More…

If you’d like to get involved please email


The all female Art Collective from Brighton, creating interactive art, visuals + workshops for creative events The art collective was founded in 2015 by Alessandra Chambers  + Amy Brown  The two artists met during work on Sophie Giblin’s first Kollektiv Gallery back in 2013 and have since collaborated on many creative projects, including those hosted by Pop-Up Brighton.




Amy Brown


Zine Club is soundtracked every Wednesday by WAX WORK, a bring your own vinyl evening for music collectors to share and showcase less conventional sounds in an environment built for listening on a bespoke Ohm sound system.

In our books, the weirder the better, leave your club tracks at home!